One Application

Endless Opportunity. It couldn't be simpler to find a great job.

Take a Shortcut to Success with Custom Staffing Services

Custom Staffing Services will help you get on the fast track to success. In just four easy steps, we’ll connect you with employers eager to benefit from your skills—and give you access to an extraordinary job market filled with unmatched opportunities!

Apply In Person or Online

It’s up to you! Either way, fill out the application as thoroughly as you can. Have your ID and work history handy. Be ready to talk about your skills and experience, and don’t forget, you’ll be expected to take a drug screen.

In-Person Hiring Process

Stop by one of our convenient locations: Evansville, IN; Princeton, IN; and Hanson, KY.

You’ll complete the following process:

Online Hiring Process

Apply on our website, through Indeed, or on social media.

If you’re a match, a recruiter will contact you by phone or text to schedule an interview.

Hiring Process at Remote Events

If you attend a job fair or other remote hiring event, be sure you are prepared. A resume isn’t required, but you should come with all the information you’ll need to fill out an application.

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